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Scope Tour is on a journey of researching authentic information and innovating new ideas. Our purpose is to help people discover the universe from a better view. Stay with us to make your exploration easier.

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About Scopetour

Scope Tour is a digital information hub for those who are interested in telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes. Our expert team members are researching for months to give you the authentic information for your most enjoyable discovery.  

To make your observation more visual, we reviewed the best quality equipment and the scope accessories with every piece of the necessary information. We do believe one thing that a source of relevant information is more trustworthy than a ton of irrelevant information.

Telescope Buying Guides

Best Refracting Telescope

Whenever it comes to observing the moon or the earth objects, passionate astronomers quickly look for refracting telescopes within no time. But often they fail to observe the most magnified images. As a beginner, you might also face such problems and be confused about which telescope you should buy.

To solve this problem, we have researched for months and arranged the blogs that will reveal the best refracting telescopes with every pinpoint detail.    

Best Reflecting Telescope

Reflecting telescopes are used to observe the remote objects of the deep sky. If you want to enjoy the space focusing on faraway objects, you will probably look for the best reflectors that can give you the brightest and most magnified view without facing any complexities.

And that's why we are here after long research and huge analysis to provide the required information of best-reflecting telescopes along with the other relevant detailed information.

Best Catadioptric Telescope

For those consumers who are most fond of astrophotography, catadioptric telescopes are the ideal choice. These telescopes combine both the optical quality of reflectors and the refractors in their design and structure. But when it comes to buying a catadioptric telescope, things might get difficult for you.

Don't worry. We have researched a lot to pick the best catadioptric telescopes for you. Grab one, observe, capture and make your scope tour more enjoyable.

Getting Started with Astronomy

What is a Telescope?

A Telescope is an optical device used to reflect the light through lenses or mirrors to observe distant objects.

How Does a Telescope Work?

A telescope works with mirrors or lenses by gathering the ray of light that comes from a distant object.

How to Use a Telescope?

First, set up your telescope, keep your eye on the eyepiece and point the tube towards the targeted object.

Getting Started In Microscopy

What is a Microscope?

A microscope is an optical instrument designed with lenses to see the smallest objects in the most transparent view.

How Does a Microscope Work?

A microscope works by using an objective lens and an eyepiece lens that reflects the light and magnifies it.

How to Use a Microscope?

First, move your microscope with your hands. Fasten the clips and turn the focusing knob to view the object.

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What is a Dobsonian Telescope?

What is a Dobsonian Telescope?

“The importance of a telescope is not how big it is. It’s not how well made it is. It’s how many people less fortunate than you got to look through it.”- John Dobson Well, there is no doubt that...

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